Early Adolescent, Adolescent, and Teen

I currently see early adolescents, adolescents and teens ages 10 and up in individual counseling. My adolescent/teen sessions usually differ from those I hold with adult clients in that I tailor the sessions to the adolescent/teen's specific interests as well as their ability to focus and hold attention. 

A typical adolescent/teen session may include a review of events since last session (or previous events in general), evaluating thoughts and feelings related to those events, an activity focused on a specific aspect of their treatment, and a game to decompress and debrief. 


During my time with Child Protective Services, I encountered just about every parenting scenario imaginable. I have received extensive training regarding various approaches to family dynamics, culture, and conflict resolution (specific training records available upon request). An added bonus: I am a parent myself and have received additional "on the job" training in that capacity. Despite my knowledge and experience, I do not profess to be a parenting expert and I feel as if I learn something new every day. I will look to you as a parent to educate me about your family so that I can be of the best assistance possible. 


When seeking individual counseling services, feeling comfortable with the counselor is of utmost importance. During our first sessions, part of our work will be to assess whether the relationship between counselor and client is a good fit. The rest of our initial work is to identify your goals for counseling as well as to determine what type of approach may have the best potential to help remedy any presenting concerns. The number one reason I love my job so much is that I have the opportunity to help people. I am always open to feedback from my clients and strive to make your counseling experience as positive and comfortable as possible. 


One of my specialty areas is working with individuals struggling with obesity, obesity related health problems, and/or obesity related mental health concerns.